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Staff Documentation project

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4 years 6 months ago #7 by sliverpix
For staff use and access.

I posted a topic in MINECRAFT > NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the MC documentation link in the main menu. Please review that link and the google docs drive. Much of what is there is reference material and might be useful to you all, but the key documents in that dump are webCommands_List.ods and mskc_plugins. For kolkuri and AmbeyElmo you two will be able to access the directory "SERVER PROJECT" that is also in this dump. You will need to login your gmail or google accounts to see the directory folder/link. As we gain staff i will add them to the edit list for this directory as well.

That directory contains all the plugin configuration files. It is not directly tied to the game server. The files in this directory can be modified at will without affecting any change to the server. I use GOOGLE DRIVE on my PC to maintain/upload these files for history and backup of the config files. (plus the game server also does a scheduled backup of all server files and logs so its double redundancy backup) I highly recommend you do the same. There should be a link to download and install google drive to your PC once you log into with your google ID.

HOW TO USE this information: To learn about a plugin in the SERVER PLUGIN folder, reference the plugin spreadsheet. There are links to the author's plugin documentation. You can also reference the plugin in the webCommand spreadsheet to see how it correlates to the server environment. I recommend starting with essentialsX and PEX plugins. EssentialsX houses most of our commands and PEX controls the grouping and security to the commands. If you look at the GROUPS sub-sheet (located in webCommand) you can see how the groups get access to the command node.

confused yet? :P :silly:

"Do or do not, there is no TRY" -- Yoda, Star Wars (ep:5 - Empire Strikes Back)

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